Net Metering



 What is self-production or net metering?

The net metering with photovoltaics enables you to produce your own power, which you consume in your home or business as it’s produced, and if there’s any surplus, you give it to DEH to get it back in the evening.PPC – CDR. clears the PV-producing energy with the electricity consumed by the PV owner on an annual basis, transferring any excess energy to the next year’s account. Every three years there is a cleanup of energy consumed and produced. By choosing a system that produces in one year, the energy (kilowatt hours-hoursKWh) we consume annually, we dramatically reduce the power bill.

How It Works – Reset Power Cost

The photovoltaic panels, which we install within the net metering, are connected to an on gridconnected photovoltaic reverse. Inverter is connected to counter 1, which records the energy produced by photovoltaics.
The energy is then consumed directly by the owner of the VAT/B. If there is excess or if the owner has not consumed the energy, then it is channeled to the PPC network via counter 2 (DEH clock).
Counter 2 is bidirectional and records both the input to the building (total owner consumption) and the output to the DEH network. The difference with other photovoltaics installed in homes and businesses or in parks is in the way of offsetting the energy produced.

Net Metering – Link Diagram and Operating Mode

On the net metering, netting is energy. The DEH counter (counter 2) measures the energy consumed by the property where the photovoltaic and the owner’s meter (counter 1) are installed the energy produced by the photovoltaic.
At the end of each metrics period (clearing account), the amount you will pay to DEHfor the current will be the cost of kilowatt hours (kWh) resulting from the difference between Meter 2 and Meter 1.

If the difference is zero then we will not pay for the power we consumed. If the difference is surplus, then the excess energy is transferred to the next account until the cycle is closed (every three years) and the liquidation is made.
If it turns out that the energy we have given to PPC is less than the energy we have consumed, then we will pay the difference.

But if we have given more energy to the WEU, then it is transferred to next year’s accounts and that goes on for 3 years. After 3 years, even if there is an excess of energy, it is zero and not compensated
So it’s important that we install a photovoltaic that produces as much energy as we consume annually.




Some of the advantage of net metering are:

  • Reduction of the annual household or business budget as we will no longer pay electricity
  • Dependence of the producer on the State subsidy
  • Reduction of losses as the current is consumed where it is produced
  • Reducing the country’s energy needs.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • Procedure – Net Metering Documents

Our consultancy has a great deal of experience in installing both small home photovoltaic systems and larger projects, photovoltaics in industrial roofs and stadiums.
We undertake the study, design and construction of the self-producing photovoltaic system, which will meet your energy needs and the whole process of connecting to the Supplier, from completion of the folder to final connection of the system to the network.

Procedure until the photovoltaic is connected

  1. The engineer shall submit an application for connection of the photovoltaic with the local CDR. The connection is  accompanied by a description of the installation, a mono-linear drawing, the characteristics of the photovoltaics and the inverter, a description of the safety devices, the plan of the installation and thedeclarations of the engineer and owner.
  2. The CCI will then submit an offer to the photovoltaic owner
  3. The owner pays the CCI connection costs and signs the connection offer
  4. The PPC then prepares up the Energy Compensation Agreement and invites you to sign it
  5. After the signature and the installation of the photovoltaic has been completed, the engineer officer responsible shall submit to the CDR. an application for activation of the connection.
  6. The CDR. connects the photovoltaic and the energy clearing contract, which is 25 years old, is automatically activated