Energy Inspections

What is an Energy Performance Certificate (RFO)?

The Energy Performance Certificate (RFO) is a certificate recognized by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (PSC) issued by an Energy Inspector (who has been entered in a special Register) and reflecting the energy performance of the building. With the ECA each building is classified in an energy category (there are nine categories, from A+ to H), while the Inspector records recommendations to improve the energy performance of the building.

The validity of the ECI is 10 years, except in the case of a radical renovation of the building before the decade expires, when a new ECI must be issued after the renovation works have finished.

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When is the issue of the Energy Performance Certificate (RPM) required?

The ECI version is required for:

  • New and Radically Renovated:

・ At the end of the development of each new and radically renovated building.

  • Existing:

・ For each sale-purchase-rental of a single building from 0m2
・ For sale-purchase-hire of part of a building (e.g. flat)
・ For participation in the subsidized program Home savings
・ For all public sector buildings
are exempted from the obligation to issue an Energy Performance Certificate:
・ Monuments/places of worship
・ Factories-Workshops
・ Warehouses,  buildings with agricultural use
・ Temporary use of buildings
・ Car park and service stations

Procedure for issuing the Energy Efficiency Certificate (RPM)

The energy inspection of the building shall be commissioned by the Energy In spector at his invitation from the owner/manager of the building.The  owner/manager  mutually agree on the obligations of both sides After the data collected during the inspection have been processed, the Energy Inspector shall calculate the Energy Efficiency and issue the Energy Performance Certificate delivered to the owner or manager of the building.

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