Programs Saving And Autonomy


The “Save Autonomy” Program is the new program for energy upgrading and autonomy, which is the successor to the “Savings at Home” programs.

The design of the Program shall take into account the complete approach to energy saving interventions in the domestic building sector and shall aim at:

・ reducing the energy needs of buildings and emissions of pollutants which contribute to the deterioration of the greenhouse effect

・ cost savings for citizens, improving daily living and comfort conditions and the safety and health of citizens in the use of these buildings

・ to achieve a cleaner environment

The Program is design to encourage energy saving interventions and strengthening energy autonomy in the domestic building sector, with the aim of reducing energy needs and the consumption of conventional fuels, as part of the transition to a “Smart Home”.

The Program is for buildings with a planning permission or other legalization document, used as their main residence and whose owners meet certain income criteria. In particular, the Program comprises five (5) categories of incentives, in which the beneficiaries are allocated according to their income. In addition, the lignite regions of the country are given an incentive as a fair transition clause. Incentives are also provided for energy upgrading interventions in blocks of flats with individual applications from individual flats owners, which include common and non-common areas upgrading interventions, and a special incentive category is provided for separate energy upgrading interventions only in the commonareas, i.e. not including interventions in apartments.

The Program is funded from European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) resources and national resources, and provides incentives in the form of grants (direct aid) and loans with interest rate subsidies.

The beneficiary of the Program and the Fund’s Manager is the Greek Development Bank Anonymous Corporation (

The funding is provided through the Operational Program ‘Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation’ ( and Regional Operational Programs.

Our consultancy is very efficient in the approval submission  of the application folder  and in the implementation of the projects. We are responsible for preparing your application folder, submitting your application and implementing the energy upgrade of your home with our specialized and experienced partners and equipment from partner companies.