Technical Safety Services

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The Safety Technician is the person appointed by the employer to give him written and verball advice on matters relating to the health and safety of workers and the prevention of accidents at work.

Responsibilities of the Technical Security


The Safety Technician shall enter in a special business register his written instructions, which shall be signed off  by the Labor Office. Except in the case of technical works signed off is not required.

In such cases a record is kept electronically. Where they are  kept on site, the employer must sign it and take note of the suggestions.

The Safety Technician must visit the facility in which he is designated, on specific days and times, indicated by the labor Office. 

For example, its obligations include: providing written and verbal advice on Safety and Health at Work, monitoring the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), risk assessment and prevention measures, investigation of accidents at work, etc.

In particular, the Safety Technician shall:

  •  advise on the design, planning, construction and maintenance of installations, introduction of new production processes, provision of equipment, selection and monitoring of the effectiveness of PPE and improvement of the working environment and the organization of the production process in general
  • check the safety of technical installations and  devices prior to their operation, and of production and working procedures prior to their implementation, and supervise the implementation of the health and safety measures for workers and accident prevention, informing the heads of departments or the management of the company

What are the obligations of the Safety Technician

The Safety Technician in order to advice he has to:

  • visit each installation of the business at pre-defined dates and times as specified by the Labor Office.
  • In its visits it carries out checks on all departments, in terms of health and safety and prevention of accidents at work. Checks shall be carried out on the basis of the current Health and Safety of Work legislation.
  • identify sources of occupational risks and records the preventive measures to be taken to control risks and protect workers.
  • propose and supervise the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment.
  • shall inform workers of the safety measures
  • Perform fire and alarm checks
  • investigate the causes of accidents at work in accordance with Article 15 of N3850/2010.
  • After the completion of the checks he  shall inform the employer orally of his findings and propose corrective/improvement actions.
  • enter any suggestions it may have in the installation’s Special Guide Book.
  • Safety technician is required to respect professional/operational confidentiality