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Photovoltaic Projects

Energy Performance Certificate

What is an Energy Performance Certificate (RFO)?
The Energy Performance Certificate (RFO) is a certificate recognized by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (PSC) issued by an Energy Inspector (who has been entered in a special Register) and reflecting the energy performance of the building. With the ECA each building is classified in an energy category (there are nine categories, from A+ to H), while the Inspector records recommendations to improve the energy performance of the building.


energy projects

(photovoltaics, etc.)

What is self-production or net metering?

The net metering with photovoltaics enables you to produce your own power, which you consume in your home or business as it’s produced, and if there’s any surplus, you give it to DEH to get it back in the evening. PPC – CDR. clears the PV-producing energy with the electricity consumed by the PV owner on an annual basis, transferring any excess energy to the next year’s account. Every three years there is a cleanup of energy consumed and produced. By choosing a system that produces in one year, the energy (kilowatt hours-hours KWh) we consume annually, we dramatically reduce the power bill.

Development Schemes –
Subsidized ERDF Program

Programs Saving and Autonomy

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